Trail Conditions (Juneau)

Updated 7-31-2017

It time to say good bye to July and welcome in August, one of the wettest months of the year. This unseasonably cool and wet summer has helped to foster some deliciously mucky trail conditions in the lowlands and is preserving plenty of snow in the high country. August’s big event is the Nifty Fifty, 50k scheduled to start at 8:30 am on the 12th, one can preregister by following the link

Keep slipping and sliding,
-Josh Musson





Trail Name Conditions
Granite Creek Mostly Clear melting snow above 2000ft.
Juneau Ridge Melting snow at ridge level.
Mt. Juneau Clear to 2500ft, melting snow above 2500ft.
Mt. Roberts Clear to 2500ft, melting snow above 2500ft.
Perseverance Clear.
Salmon Creek Trail Clear.
Sheep Creek Trail



Trail Name Conditions
Dan Moller Clear.
Eagle Crest Mostly Clear.
Gastineau Meadows  Clear.
Mt. Jumbo Melting snow above 2500ft.
Treadwell Ditch Clear.
Treadwell Mine Clear.



Trail Name Conditions
Brotherhood Bridge Clear.
Dredge Lakes Trail Complex Clear.
East Glacier Clear – Bear activity reported!
Lemon Creek Clear.

Heintzleman Ridge/Thunder Mountain

Mostly Clear.
Montana Creek Clear.
West Glacier/McGuinness  Clear/melting snow above 2400ft.
Under Thunder Mountain Trail Clear.

*Readers if for some reason trail conditions are not up to date please feel free to email current trail conditions to Thank you!