Granite Creek Trail, Juneau Alaska

Current Trail Conditions: Spring thaw- patches of snow and ice increasing in coverage as elevation increases.

Distance: ~12 miles from Marine Park.

Elevation Gain: 2700′

Things to bring: Water, a snack, camera, and a friend.

Wild Life: Black Bears, Grouse, Ptarmigan, Porcupines, and tourists.

John Andersen making the ascent look easy on Granite Creek Trail.

Description: Granite Creek is in my opinion one of the more beautiful trails readily accessible from Downtown Juneau. The trail winds through granite boulder fields amid a lush

alpine landscape. The mountains rise with great prominence and with most of the trail above the tree-line the views are incredible. Many time

s while running this trail I wonder if I haven’t somehow been magically transported to somewhere high in the Himalayas.

The Granite Creek Trail begins approximately three miles from the perseverance trail and continues for an additional 1.5 miles to the foot of Olds Mountain, 4,298′, via the Granite Creek Basin.  Granite Creek Trail also serves as an access point to the Juneau Ridge Trail.  Most years there is significant snow pack until from October to July so being comfortable running on snow is a must.  By taking into account a couple considerations this trail can be enjoyed safely in most weather conditions. The round Trip length is approximately twelve miles with about 2,700′ of elevation gain from Cope or Marine Parks so leave yourself with several hours to enjoy the natural beauty, its no fun having to race to get back before sundown or to find out that your cruise ship has left port without you.

Happy Trails,

Josh Musson