Inside Passage Running, a Non-Profit

Long distance running has a cult like appeal. Rain or shine, night or day runners are lacing up and hitting the road, trails, or setting out cross country hoping to find some inner peace. But how can runners ever hope to find that peace when the industry that manufactures and sells the products we use ravages the planet. Gnome Running aims to bring sustainability to the running industry using a multifaceted approach.

  • Support the manufacture running shoes and apparel from renewable resources.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce industry foot print
  • Resale of Sustainable running shoes and apparel from our online store.
  • Demonstrate the viability of the Non-Profit business model in commercial enterprise.

As the planet comes ever closer to its carrying capacity we, humans, need to come up with cultural solutions to reduce our resource footprints. Long distance running is a cultural phenomena, let us take the lead by making sustainability an integral part of running.