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A Quick Start Guide to Juneau’s Trails!

Welcome to Juneau’s number one source of information for all things Running. To help you make the most of Juneau’s extensive trail network we’ve put together this Quick Start Guide, so lace up those shoes, grab a rain coat, and start exploring.

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Trail Conditions

Updated 9-22-2017

Where did the summer go? As we stride into fall, Juneau’s best season for running, be sure to check out trails such as Sheep Creek. The summer growth is finally beginning to die back making these less maintained trails a blast to run. Additionally, if you haven’t yet run the West Douglas Pioneer Road put it on the top of the to run list. 

-Josh Musson


Updated 07- 31 – 2017


Trail Name Conditions
Granite Creek Mostly Clear, melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Juneau Ridge Melting snow and ice.
Mt. Juneau Melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Mt. Roberts Melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Perseverance Clear.
Salmon Creek Trail Clear.
Sheep Creek Trail



Trail Name Conditions
Dan Moller Clear.
Eagle Crest Melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Gastineau Meadows  Clear.
Mt. Jumbo Melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Treadwell Ditch Clear.
Treadwell Mine Clear.


Trail Name Conditions
Brotherhood Bridge Clear.
Dredge Lakes Trail Complex Clear.
East Glacier  Clear.
Lemon Creek Clear.

Heintzleman Ridge/Thunder Mountain

Melting snow and ice above 2500ft.
Montana Creek Clear.
West Glacier/McGuinness   Clear.
Under Thunder Mountain Trail Clear.

*Readers if for some reason trail conditions are not up to date please feel free to email current trail conditions to Thank you


Juneau’s Trail Hubs!

Downtown Area Basin Road is trail central station for the Downtown area. From the several parking areas one can access a number of Juneau’s favorite trails – Mt. Roberts Trail, Mt. Juneau Trail, Juneau Ridge, Perseverance Trail, Granite Creek Trail, and the Red Mill Trail.

Douglas– Get to know the Treadwell Ditch Trail. The Treadwell Ditch Trail is one of Juneau’s few through hiking trails while it is a fun and challenging trail in its own right the Treadwell Ditch Trail or “Ditch,” as it is commonly referred to provides access to other Douglas favorites. From the Ditch one can reach the Dan Moler Trail and cabin, Mt. Jumbo Trail, Gastineau Meadows Trial, and Eaglecrest Ski Area.

Mendenhall Lake/Glacier Trail Complex This area has been extensively developed for Juneau’s summer tourism, for off season users this means lots of trail head parking. Additionally the trails are wide and well maintained the only catch is this area sees a lot of bear activity so it is a good idea to stay alert.

Mendenhall Campground/Skaters cabin/Montana Creek area– The launch point for those rafting the Mendenhall River this area has significantly less traffic than the Mendenhall Lake/Glacier Trail Complex. At the far end of the parking lot is the West Glacier Trail which follows Mendenhall lake out to the Glacier users can either explore the Ice Caves or continue up to the summit of Mt. McGuinness.


Quick Trail Tips!

– Join Juneau Trail Running Facebook Group. It is a great resource for all Juneau trail users whether your looking to find a running partner or simply up to date information about whats going on with Juneau Trail Running scene.

– Avoid running along steep creek during bear season this includes the Moraine Ecology Trail.

– Avoid running on wet board walks as they tend to be unpredictably slick.

– Dress in layers. Juneau’s weather has a habit of changing quickly, getting caught unprepared for a sudden drop in temperature, heavy rain shower, or gusty winds can be potentially dangerous.

– Over the shoe traction aids like yak trax, nanospikes, microspikes, etc are a safe and effective way to handle the sometime icy trail conditions that one may encounter.